To all concerned We have noted that there is one or 2 companies with presence on the internet search engines who have trade name similar to ours: "TOMOJIT GHOSH CALIBRATION or are using part of the name like "TOMOJIT GHOSH" . Clients have contacted us to know the authenticity or to verify whether one is a sister concern of the other as they are claiming to use similar technology and client base. We had to take great lengths to explain that the companies are different, have no relation.But some of our clients have been misguided in the past where the other company has used our enormous market goodwill, huge client baseand technical expertise to somehow try to get orders and make it feel that its a branch or something similarlike that. We would not have known all this unless the clients themselves smelt something fishy and came back to me because ultimately it is quality and goodwill that suffers. Clients are enticed by low priced quotations.Now in this scenarion we are a registered trade mark and trade name owner of "TOMOJIT GHOSH CALIBRATION" , TGC, its logo, making every drop count sloganand no other is allowed to partially use this name or TGC or style of our logo in the same trade as ours. We are yet to serve legal notices for closure of the names on these companies mainly one of the reasons being that i feel everyone has a right to do business but do itwith their own strength, credentials and technical knowhow and not take market goodwill from my company's established name to fool clients or copy it from others. So I advice them to continue their business by changing their company name immediatelyto something different and carry on with the changed identity before we serve such strong legal notices. They should consult good lawyers in this matter regarding registered trade name laws and download if required our below link to the trademark registered copy pdf. I am opening it to public domain for the sake of better clarity and some thing in front to clear the air of confusion for our esteemed clients. Anyone may please call or mail me on this issue.

Vendor Codes: IOC-11931311,BPCL-148016 HPCL 28089118, RIL-321170