The benefits of accurate tank calibration

In a world where business margins are shrinking, cost control in transaction of petroleum, LNG, LPG, chemicals and oils is very essential. While storing, transferring, blending or processing, strict consistency in volumetric measures is imperative. Accurate calibration of storage and process vessels is indispensable in maintaining a very high standard of your products. A high standard of calibration not only ensures quality products, but also less trouble with customers, govt. department, internal stock taking and accountability. Calibration of tanks is a science of accurately determining the volume in a confined vessel at various stages.

Why calibrate at regular intervals & is there any compulsion?

Imperceptible to the human eye, tank shells undergo expansion and contraction due to hydrostatic liquid head pressure, working temperture in regular operation and may also tilt and settle. These conditions can make a big difference in volume at various levels and dip reference height if left un-calibrated or wrongly calibrated. Also any structural changes or repairs made to the tank should call for re-calibration. In most cases you should also undertake a detailed tank settlement, roundness and tilt survey, which we also specialize. Calibration and stamping of storage tanks has been made mandatory in India at least once every 5 years by the Directorate of Legal Metrology and worldwide as per rule by the respective governmental or special agencies of the particular country.

Are we dependable ?

Our company is a consortium of prompt, efficient, capable, experienced engineers and technical personnel. To achieve the highest pinnacle of accuracy, we are equipped with accurate and calibrated linear measuring instruments, precision digital optical laser total stations, ultrasonic devices, flow meters, other instruments and.. of course matter between our ears to analyze every tank individually. All field data are processed for analysis by our indigenously developed software and calibration charts printed error-free. We have implemented ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System in our organization and undertake thorough quality checks at all stages. Any coordination with the government authorities is taken care of professionally. For critical and time-bound assignments, instant on-field computerized volume analysis and tabulation is also carried out. In any eventuality requiring clarification and problem solving, our promptness is exemplary

Technical competence ?

Whether it be an inclined horizontal tank whose volume increases exponentially, a tank with uneven bottom, dished ends, blades and heating coils inside, a complicated bottom shell arrangement, a floating roof tank with liquid displacement to be taken care of, a pressurized horton sphere or a horizontal bullet, we are always a step ahead of a critical assignment - our engineering capability speaks on the ground. We have developed unique correlated physical, mathematical and error-free computer-aided volumetric solutions. Calibration or survey data can be provided on CD or sent via email in spreadsheet format, also for SAP and other integration.

Are we traceable? What standards do we follow?

Calibration needs traceability and standardization. In India, we are licensee of the Directorate of Legal Metrology (Weights and Measures Dept) in states where we have been approved and follow their rules apart from BIS standards, which is also recognized by Customs, Excise and Central government CPWD department. Internationally, we follow various API and ISO standards for measurements and also as per requirements and rules in each country. Please see our methods section for more details on standards and methods.

Do we play a role in ISO Quality Certification ?

Our calibration of tanks has helped many companies in achieving and maintaining ISO Quality certification with the desired accuracy, traceability and standardization required by ISO.

Our promise

With hard earned experience behind us, we would like to enjoy your trust which we promise to meet in a highly responsible manner, at a reasonable price.

Prosenjit Ghosh

President and Technical Head


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